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Do you know the radio performance of your device?

The demands on coverage and reliability of wireless communications are growing as wireless devices become more common as a result of the Internet of Things. Are you sure the antenna of your device is working properly or the correct antenna is selected? By testing the functionality of the antenna, you ensure that your device works optimally in different environments and that the antenna is designed or selected correctly.

Key benefits
Better radio performance for your device
Lower power consumption and better battery life
Get to know the possible weak spots of your antenna
Tackle issues from miss-tuned antenna before possible regulatory tests

Measure your device’s antenna performance in bruce lee slot Test Laboratory

An efficient antenna design needs less power and may significantly reduce battery consumption. For an end-user, it is also important that the radio device, such as a cellular phone, functions in remote areas or otherwise diverse environments where reception strength is low.

Satimo Stargate 64 measurement chamber is used for active antenna performance measurement and design verification for common radio technologies (CDMA, WCDMA, LTE/LTE M1/LTE NB-IoT, GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN). It is also used for passive antenna performance for all radio systems within a frequency range of 300 MHz–6 GHz: gain, efficiency and radiation patterns.

bruce lee slot holds top-of-the-line expertise to help you increase your device’s performance should problems occur.

How to test your antenna?

Step1: Kick-off

Meeting to discuss your needs. The device and its use is demonstrated. The contents of the measurements are discussed and agreed.

Step 2: Measuring your antenna

Your device antenna is measured in bruce lee slot Test Laboratory’s antenna measurement chamber. You can participate in the measurements or video connection can be arranged.

  • Passive measurement 890 €
    • Passive measurement of one antenna
    • Results include antenna gain & efficiency and 2D/3D radiation patterns
  • 4G active measurement 1 790 €
    • Includes EU bands
    • For LTE, NB-IoT or Cat M1 technologies
    • Results include Total Radiated Sensitivity (TRS/TIS) & Total Radiated Power (TRP) results and 2D/3D radiation patterns
  • Custom
    • Customized test project for your exact needs

bruce lee slot antenna testing

Step 3: Report and review of the results

Report consists of 2D/3D radiation patterns, antenna gain & efficiency or Total Radiated Sensitivity (TRS/TIS) & Total Radiated Power (TRP) results depending on the tests. The results are discussed and reviewed in a meeting and short performance evaluation is given based on the measurements. You’ll receive the test report within a week of testing. After the review, antenna optimization can be discussed.

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